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I very much enjoyed this course.  
I have a strong feeling that the thins I learned in this course I will take with me throughout the course of my life.  I feel more prepared now than I ever have been to engage in an intimate relationship in the future.
This course helped me share my views as well as grow as a person.  It challenged me to seek Biblical truth and I feel more prepared for my future because of it. 
The world we know today is odd, confused, and in serious need of sexual education.  
Thank you Dr G for a great Course. 
All that I can say is that before taking this course I had no solid/logical reasoning behind my beliefs.  Through this course, God revealed beautiful and intricate ways in which He designed us. 
I loved taking this course because it opened my eyes to things in my life I thought were okay, but were not. 
Through this course I have learned a deeper understanding of what sex is and how it works.  
I have also gained comfortability with topics pertaining to sex.
This course is tough, but it teaches us what we never learned growing up.  It isn't necessarily about knowing the textbook in and out, but more so getting to know yourself in and out. 
Before I took this course I was in an unhealthy sexual relationship. Every time I had sex I felt confused and worthless.  This course reinforced the beauty that sex entails, and how God created sex to be inside the bounds of marriage.  I am so thankful for the material I learned in class to help me become the type of sexual being God intended.  
This course helped to expand my knowledge, understanding, and comfort with many aspects of sexuality in a healthy, appropriate way and from a Biblical Worldview.  I believe it will benefit me personally and vocationally throughout the rest of my life. 
I think this course was very informative and it is a course that everyone should take by the time they are in college.  
I think my favorite thing about this class was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender, marriage, etc.  It was extremely enlightening.  
If you are in a relationship, or planning on being in a relationship - TAKE THIS COURSE. 
This was my favorite class I took in college.  I learned a lot and it was all practical to making me a better follower of Christ. 
This course helps us understand the complex yet powerful; experiences and images that God has provided us.  
Dr. Gilbert's class reshaped the way I view not only sexual behavior, but also my own sexual behavior.  I greatly appreciate his insight and passion to help others know God;'s design for us as sexual beings. 
I think that everyone should take this course.  We have not learned how to handle sexuality in a healthy way because Christians don't talk about sex well!  I feel more comfortable and prepared to maturely discuss sex with friends, a spouse, and future children. 
God can redeem every area of our sexual brokenness.  
I struggled with my identity as a sexual being - it felt wrong to have these desires and feelings, but God designed me this way.  I can now move forward proud of who I am and seek out God's best for me. 
I think everyone needs to hear this stuff.  I wish I hadn't had to wait until college to learn such necessary material so openly and bluntly.  It was hard, but refreshing. 
This course challenged me to think about my sexuality from a biblical perspective.  It was the best environment I've ever been in to talk openly about uncomfortable topics and learn a biblical perspective on many aspects of sexuality, dating, and marriage. 
Dr. Gilbert helps unveil the true beauty and intimacy that sex can bring in a marriage.
I think everyone should be required to take a course like this!
I learned so much and was able to begin to form my theology of sexuality other than "just don';t talk about it" that reflected a biblical knowledge of sexuality, marriage, and family.
I really appreciated the Biblical / Christian growth incorporated into the materials.  I liked how the information was applied practically.  I think this should be a required course!  
This course was quite useful in pointing out fallacies in principles many people (including my parents) teach their kids in this society. 
This course really helped me figure out what a biblical sexual ethic really is.  
I feel as though EVERY young adult (and teen) should take this course!  It's being taught in a safe place.  There is not reason we shouldn't use this resource to gain knowledge and insight. 
I feel like Dr Gilbert gave me permission to have these conversations and talk about sexuality and have it be a mature and deep conversation. 
Dr. Gilbert challenged me intellectually.  Being challenged to think through sexuality and my own sexuality has been extremely beneficial and I am glad that I tool this course. 
This course helped me examine areas of sexuality through a biblical worldview like never before.  This course and Dr Gilbert were SO helpful. 
I have learned more in Dr Gilbert's course than any other course I have ever taken.  I have and will continue to benefit from it greatly.
This course really lowered my expectations about sex - I don't mean that in a negative way, it just really demystified it :) - 2020 - Dr. Corey Gilbert, PhD, LPC
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