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Gain resources, tools, skills, and even strength to know, discuss and lead from a Biblical Sexual Ethic.  
-Have this play out in your dating and relationship building - hopefully heading to an amazing marriage. 
-Be a parent that can have those hard conversations and does not shy away - rather leader with confidence. 
-Be the ministry leader that leads by example and empowers others to live from a biblical sexual ethic.  
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Executive, Marriage, & Family Life Coaching
This includes Scheduled Coaching calls, daily feedback and checkin's and accountability for your chosen goals - measurable.  
Use this to focus on your Marriage, Your Career Aspirations, your Family, or another area of your life that needs improvement.  
Oregon Residents - Professional Counseling Services 
Dive deep into your past, present and desired future as we focus on growing and strengthening your marriage, your family, your relationships, etc.  
Membership Site for Parents - Join a community of Parents that want to grow a strong Sexual Ethic - so that they can lead their families with excellence and set their children up for a stronger more bright future. 
New Book (in Progress)
Parents - Develop your Ethos today so You can Lead Your Family in a Biblical Sexual Ethic Well Tomorrow
Speaker, Seminar Leader, Workshops, Retreats, Chapels, Graduations, Special Event Speaker, Keynotes!
Developing a Strong Sexual Ethic.
Triage Your Marriage - and Accelerate Change!
Dating and your Desired Future
Ministry Leaders and Being Trauma Informed
and more!  

New Book (coming next)
Dating in a Minefield: Starting from a Strong Sexual Ethic today - so I can Marry Well Tomorrow
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